Calignee girl designs new 50c coin design

Calignee girl designs new 50c coin design

Updated 12.15

Stunning new St George Illawarra girls’ football team, unveiled earlier this year.

The club has been given its first-ever 50c coin to mark the anniversary of the birth of former Blues legend Joe Statham, an ambassador for the club’s supporters group, the Illawarra Dragons.

The first 50c coin for the Illawarra Dragons is being launched today.

The team will compete in the 2016 Under-21 National Championships.

The Illawarra Dragons and their sister club the Newcastle Knights are also celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

The Illawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights are both on display in the Illawarra Dragons Store, located inside the Illawarra Exhibition Centre.

In addition to the 50c coin, the Illawarra Dragons are celebrating their 50th anniversary today by launching their 50th ever 50cent coin that celebrates an iconic sport, the Illawarra Crusaders.

The team has received support from the Illawarra Rugby Union, which gave the Crusade울산출장마사지rs a 50c coin featuring two female players.

In recognition of 50 years since Statham signed the Blues to the Blues of the New South Wales Cu카지노 사이트p, the Illawarra Dragons team and the Blues of the New South Wales Cup will celebrate 50years at the Illawarra Dragons Store on Saturday, July 7 at 11.00am.

«This 50 cent coin gives all of you from the Illawarra Dragons to everyone in town a chance to get involved and to raise awareness for their cause,» Illawarra Dragons chief executive Tony O’Callaghan said.

«By taking 50c coins as a pledge to the team and the Blues for five years, the team, the Illawarra Dragons and their loyal supporters know the community want to do something good for the Blues team and team culture.»

The Illawarra Dragons a우리 카지노re on-hand at The Bankstown Showground to sell 50c coin. More information can be found at:

The Illawarra Dragons team and their proud family, The Blues of the New South Wales Cup, are proud to present 50 cent coin, 50 Cent Coin.

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