Former afl west coast eagle daniel kerr pleads guilty vro breach of peace

Former afl west coast eagle daniel kerr pleads guilty vro breach of peace

Afl West Coast Eagles player Adam Kerr has pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated breach of the peace.

Kerr said he was sorry to the victim and the crowd and t바카라사이트hen walked away after refusing to show his side of the story.

Kerr was charged with an indecent assault under section 121 of the Criminal Code in October 2016.

AFL West Coast Eagles v Melbourne VFL Match Review Panel (ACLRC) chairman David Sharpe asked Kerr to come to the ACLRC’s preliminary hearing in June.

media_camera The incident is at the centre of an investigation against Adam Kerr into the incident where a spectator punched and kicked a man in the face. Picture: Michael Klein

After two days of hearings, Sharpe said «this is extremely significant and it is about time this criminal case against Adam Kerr got the attention it deserves.»

«For this to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and not the ACLRC and all the other courts for that matter as the matter was put to the arbitration i더킹카지노s disappointing,» he said.

«All of the parties to this matter have shown that the way the case was handled was clearly very difficult.

«I am grateful to all the witnesses who have done an absolute great job, which really speaks volumes about the way they have handled the case, and I can tell you that I really hope it is the last time Adam Kerr takes his hands out of a guy’s face in a sports venue where there is probably an awful lot of people in there.»

Kerr was charged with the charged aggravated breach of the peace, one count of the following charges:

1. Assault;

2. Unlawful wounding;

3. Disorderly behaviour;

4. Making obscene gestures at another person;

5. Disorderly behaviour or physical assault;

6. Committing an act likely to outrage the dignity of another;

7. Disorderly conduct;

8. Engaging in conduct likely to cause disorder or annoyance to another person;

9. Disorderly conduct or violent and/or intimidating behaviour.

Kerr told the court he will plead not guilty to 더킹카지노all charges but that the court will decide if he needs to leave the country as a result of his guilty plea.

The incident is a significant incident and it really speaks volumes about how Adam Kerr handled the charge. Source: Channel Nine

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