Justice dept memo offers basis for torture report

Justice dept memo offers basis for torture report

The memo offers grounds for considering the torture report as grounds for its dismissal, but was found to contain factual errors when it was read and reviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2015.

«The report makes allegations against the intelligence community about people involved in an investigation into whether a Russian bank or company engaged in financial transactions with people associated with the Trump ca더킹카지노mpaign and/or transition in the U.S.,» the memo’s author, James Clapper, wrote. «The allegations include conduct by the FBI under pressure from the White House to leak these findings to the press.»

The findings are also disputed.

«There was no evidence in the report, as presented to the committee, to show that the intelligence community conducted a detailed, multi-agency investigation or the FBI conducted a thorough, public investigation into the allegation that associates of Trump aides, including Paul Mana예스카지노fort and Carter Page, had contacts with Russian nationals before the election,» the document states.

Bu바카라사이트t the author of the memo is not satisfied with the findings that have already surfaced.

«The Obama administration and the media deliberately left out key information to undermine the credibility of the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election,» Clapper wrote. «It has become abundantly clear that, despite all of the claims by the Obama administration and the media, the truth was in, well, the investigation.»

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