Parents urged to engage with schools

Parents urged to engage with schools

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said the province is in response to a specific request from the parents of children at Winnipeg Secondary School who have faced sexual abuse and are now considering suing the 여주출장안마 여주안마school district.

Bowman said the province is working with parents, police and the province-run school boards to investigate. He would not reveal the names of those involved but said in many cases the cases are being handled «in a professional way.»

«We have received over 1,300 formal complaints, with the majority of them involving children who were inappropriately touched.»

«I think parents need to know what is happening,» Bowman said at a Winnipeg news conference Wednesday. «You have to work with those parents to tell them what is happening. There’s obviously a concern about the way the system is working, with what has been repoXO 카지노rted about allegations of inappropriate touching.»

Bowman also said the state of the education system in the city is critical.

In his press release, Bowman did not rule out the possibility of a possible lawsuit against the school board. But the mayor said they have received no formal complaints.

«There is, indeed, an ongoing investigation. We are waiting for answers that are credible and can tell us where the school is at,» he said.

Parents ‘not in any kind of hurry to make this happen’

The parents of the students are demanding that the Winnipeg School Board and other schools in Winnipeg investigate alleg예스 카지노ations of sexual assault or child abuse or both.

While some parents expressed the hope that it would go to the courts, many are urging Manitoba’s top leaders to step up and address concerns over abuse in the province’s classrooms.

«We want it to be handled properly, in a professional way, and they do not seem to take sexual assault very seriously in our community,» said one parent who spoke to CBC News in Winnipeg on condition of anonymity. «If anyone knew what was happening, they wouldn’t do it.»

«If they were to do that, it would be too little too late,» said the parent, who lives in Winnipeg’s North End. «I see a few places I can report sexual abuse but I know of no place in this province.»

The city’s child safety adviser said he’s not aware of any pending sexual assault complaint against the school district. «If it’s in the pipeline, I am not sure how we can respond to it,» said Ken Golliver.

In a statement provided to CBC News

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