Queensland firefighters battle tricky fire at a Victorian home

Queensland firefighters battle tricky fire at a Victorian home


Cape Town-born fire expert, who used to work at NSW Fire Service, was called to the fire at a Melbourne home on Christmas Eve, before firefighters arrived just 30 minutes later.

Craig Murray said he and his colleagues were preparing a safe exit plan before reaching the home when he began hearing «a little bit of noise».

«I heard smoke coming out of a bedroom which I assumed was somebody who had been sleeping but when I looked it was actually four men inside,» he said.

«I opened the door to the bedroom and there was another four or five people in the bedroom.

«I thought they had gotten away from me before and so I opened the door and they were inside laughing at us and throwing things around.»

Mr Murray was then called to rescue the four men inside.

«We heard some noise coming from the front and to our relief and a woman was screaming at us that there was a fire,» he said.

«We found the man inside the be진주출장안마droom. He was obviously unconscious and we began to rescue his body, and he was pronounced deceased s부천출장마사지hortly afterwards.»

Firefighting personnel were left to operate on the fire with a heavy hose for two hours.

«It was a huge ordeal,» Mr Murray said.

«It started out very small but by the time we got to the door with three or four men, the whole house was ablaze with smoke.

«That’s where I came in and used my fire extinguisher to stop the smoke from coming in.

«I had this huge fire on my hands to put out.»

Mr Murray and his team were able to bring the home and all of its occupants to safety.


Craig Murray came to the rescue of his partner, Rebecca Rauley, 28, when the couple was caught in the line of fire on Christmas Eve.

Mr Murray said his partner’s sister-in-law, who was sleeping in the home on the fourth floor, had been hit in the face by smoke.

«There was no one around to help her, so I thought I’d go out and help her out,» Mr Murray said.

«I went out with a fire extinguisher to try and put out the fire and when I stepped through the door the flames wer부천출장안마e coming right up to the bedroom.»

The crew began working from inside the home

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