Sunshine coast urged to learn from byrons problems

Sunshine coast urged to learn from byro바카라사이트ns problems

HELPING is needed to improve safety and enhance the safety of people around Sunshine Coast and in the greater Port area, following a number of mishaps in recent weeks.

A series of accidents in the past week and a half has been linked to high winds and high speed off the Sunshine Coast.

A 32-year-old car driver struck several kangaroos and two birds with his car at Windfield on the Sunshine Coast last week.

Another kangaroo fell into the sea and nearly drowned last Sunday at Sunset beach, on the north of the Sunshine Coast.

The kangaroos were being fed by residents of Nambuera Beach when a driver struck them.

Both drivers were taken to Sunrise Hospital for treatment and released.

In both incidents, birds were hit by vehicles.

No serious injuries were reported.

The incidents continue a list of incidents reported by Sunshine Coast residents who were watching for the kangaroos earlier this week.

They said it was impossible to avoid kangaroos unless motorists moved close to the animals to keep them from flying.

«It was very exciting to be watching for this particular flock but, the way they fly, it just makes it more difficult for us to have a close look in time to ensure they are safe,» one resident said.

The number of kangaroos seen over the past week and a half in the north of Sunshine Coast has been down by 70 per cent.

Two people have been killed and another woman has been left injured in the past two weeks in what the Sunshine Coast residents described as «rampant» behaviour.
The kangaroos have been reported in Taunton, Willsvale and Goulburn, but no fatalities have been recorded.

A spokesman for the Port area said that even though kangaroos had been caught, people should not drive recklessly.

«There are clear signage on the way to a kangaroo kangaroo road sign which prohibits driving on the road and there is a kangaroo patrol in the area to keep watch for any unusual road user on the way to or near Sunshine Coast,» he said.

«Dri더킹카지노vers should take heed of the kangaroo road signs and keep to the right of the road on kangaroo road signs and follow them carefully.

«For more information on kangaroo road conditions please visit www.lh

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