Towns evacuated floodwater heads to sale lot that was home to the former city hall

Towns evacuated floodwater heads to sale lot that was home to the former city hall.

A new community hall on Main Avenue in East Portland will get more than a little town traffic courtesy of a flood that hit that piece of land Tuesday evening.

«There’s lots of people in the parking lot who didn’t have their homes evacuated but it’s pretty difficult to walk from the parking lot to the new town hall,» said Jeff Rolfe, public safety director of Portland.

After a three-hour deluge overnight, the neighborhood evacuated about 30 homes in that area and then quickly found a way around it with extra safety gear.

Portland police crews used temporary traffic cones to direct tr퇴폐 마사지affic around the area just after 7 p.m.

The community hall will serve as the office and community event space for the Portland Parks Bureau, said city spokesman Jim Hedlund.

The parking lot was flooded with about 30 cars to go.

People stayed at homes in the block of North Main with heavy rain from Tuesday morning.

«You could make out the homes but you couldn’t see the houses,» said Carol Miller, 69, who was evacuating her East Portland home with her family. «This is definitely more expensive than what we saw when we were out here last year. We were staying in one of the buildings because the street had water from the sink.»

Portland police crews are moving in from around the city and emergency vehicles will join the move, Hedlund said. There were three shelters opened for those who were still trapped Tuesday스웨 디시, he said.

The neighborhood evacuated has been identified as Cinder Valley, at East Burnside, which is about 10 blocks northeast of Interstate 84.

T골목he City of Portland would like to thank all emergency responders who were working hard to rescue those who had not yet been evacuated. That includes: police, fire and a number of state agencies, Hedlund said.

«This is an extremely difficult day for this city of Portland. It’s a little over a week before the start of city business in the first week of August,» Hedlund said.

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